6 reasons to partner with us.
Flexible, open, mutually beneficial collaboration structures.

Rxilient operates across the entire commercial value chain, from clinical development, regulatory approval, and product launch to lifecycle management.

Cutting-edge insights into clinical demands.

With extensive expert networks and deep market knowledge, Rxilient is able to identify and explore unmet clinical needs.

Strong financial position.

Rxilient’s investors include China Medical Systems, Inc. and Legend Capital, we have strong financial resilience to support your commercial endeavours in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Strict standards of compliance and business ethics.

Our compliance control system covers all aspects of the operation to an international standard. Rxilient has built a culture that recognizes the importance of and upholds the reputation of our collaborative partners.

Highly structured teams for clinical development and registration affairs.

With experienced clinical and regulatory affairs teams, Rxilient has a depth of expertise to efficiently and expeditiously promote the clinical development and registration of products.

Well-established, efficient and compliant process for commercialization.

Rxilient has offices set up in key Southeast Asia countries and Taiwan, allowing us to facilitate your market entry.

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