Ultrasound Cyclo-Plasty (UCP) – EyeOP1®
A Non-Invasive Ultrasound Glaucoma Treatment.

EyeOP1® is a unique medical device which allows the treatment of glaucoma without surgical incision.

UCP procedure, the treatment of glaucoma by using high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), relies on a strategy to reduce the production of aqueous humor by partially coagulating the ciliary body, which is responsible for the secretion of aqueous humor. The treatment is fast, non-invasive and can be performed with the sterile, single-use device consisting of an ultrasound therapy probe and a positioning cone. The device is connected to the EyeOP1 control module in order to define and control the parameters of treatment.

The special design of the therapy probe with miniaturized transducers and the positioning cone allows to focus the ultrasound on target areas within the eyes with precision.

The procedure lasts less than 5 minutes.